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Camping at Heralds' Point @ Pennsic 25

Unto the heralds (and others interested in the heraldic arts) of the Known
World, greetings from Lord Hywel ap Ieuan, constantly bemused assistant to
the Pennsic War Herald, Lady Irene von Schmetterling.

As winter rolls over us, the time has returned to consider Pennsic and plan
our camp at Herald's Point.  With any luck, this message is getting to you
in plenty of time to think about it, put it off for the usual period, and
eventually answer it.  Please pass this along to
anyone else you know who might be interested in camping at the Point. 

Camping at Herald's Point at Pennsic XXV is open to all heralds,
pursuivants, cornets, kings-at-arms, and others interested in heraldry from
anywhere in the Known World, together with their significant others
(tentmates and children included).  The only stipulation is that you, the
heraldic person (regardless of title or lack thereof) must work at Herald's
Point during the time you are at Pennsic.   This means either: 

Working at the armory and/or name consult tables,
working at the emblazon table,
working at the cashiers table, or
working in the message tent (cries and message board).

We are asking that each herald in the camp commit to a minimum of one hour's
work per day and be on call for emergency cries of the camp.  We will be
flexible regarding how each herald meets the minimum time, so as to allow
prime time for fighting, shopping, and schmoozing.  When you send in your
letter of intent to camp at the Point (see below), please include a list of
the area(s) you  would like to work.  We'll pass them on to the coordinators
for scheduling.

And who are the coordinators, you ask?  So far, we have
Armory : Elsbeth Ann Roth 
Names: Dathi Thorfinnsson
Cries: Paul Wickenden of Thanet
Artists: Margaret Holmwood
War Herald & Heralds Point Administration: Lady Irene von Schmetterling

We will offer classes on how to consult at the Point (rules, conflict
checking, and basic style), and also plan to offer advanced heraldry
classes.  Lady Irene is (surprise!) looking for instructors - please see her
contact info at the end of this message.  We will have classes from the
Laurel Sovereign at Arms, who will also put on the "Laurel SoA Road Show",
reviewing a set of name, arms, and badge submissions to the edification of

If you don't think you have enough experience to work at the consulting
tables or enough talent to draw, we can always use help with the cashier's
table.  We particularly need people who are familiar enough with heraldry
and the submissions forms to catch any glaring errors.  The exchequers are
still hunting volunteers to handle the money for us.

There may be opportunities to do field heraldry for various tourneys held
during the week and we hope to be able to provide quality services to any
sitting Royalty that are far from home and need a herald to do court.

In return for your labors, camping at Herald's Point means that you are in
one of the prime camping locations at the War, convenient to everything,
that you will have a wonderful time hobnobbing with the "names" in SCA
heraldry, and you might even get invited to some nifty parties! (Special
added bonus for Pennsic XXV:  Irene's shower will return with hot water!)

In order to reserve your space at Herald's Point, we need a statement of
your intent postmarked no later than May 15th (?).  As in the past, we will
request a fee of $5 per tent to pay for supplies for the Point:  Ropes,
firewood, garden hoses, and fire extinguishers (these are in addition to
each party's extinguishers, not instead of).  Please make checks payable to
Wendy Colbert.   Any letters postmarked later than May 15th, 1996 will be
considered on a first-come, first-served basis *if* there is available
space.  Your statement should include 

who will be camping (mundane and SCA names please),
address and phone number of contact,
expected dates of arrival,
how many tents you will be bringing (with sizes),
and how much space you need, including guy ropes.

Based on this information, we will adjust the size of the Point to better
use the space. 
Please let us know so we can give the Pennsic Land Autocrat accurate

**Special Note**      ***New for 1996***
Campers at the Point will *still* need to go through regular Pennsic
Pre-Registration (see your Kingdom newsletter or other sources for details).
Include in your Pre-Registration that you will be camping at "Herald's Point".

We'll send out further information as it develops.  In the meantime, you can
contact either

Pennsic XXV War Herald
Irene von Schmetterling
mka Wendy Colbert
1496 Briers Dr.
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
(404) 297-7519

Part-time Assistant
Hywel ap Ieuan
mka Jack Dominey
175 Lucile Lane
Lilburn GA 30247
(770) 925-3555
Jack Dominey, Lilburn GA