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gaelic pronounciation

Greetings to all the denizens of the Merry Rose. Here I be, hard at work in
a dark corner table in the tavern, with a glass of mead (or maybe two). I'm
trying to compose a song about Deidre of the Sorrows, at the request of a
good friend, when to my horror I realize that I have not the *faintest* idea
of how to say these names! I do not greatly enjoy revealing the depths to
which I am Gaelic-impaired, but if my lyrics rhyme "usnagh" with hoosegow,
and it turns out that it should rhyme with custer instead, not only will my
song not scan, but volleys of rotten potatoes or similar projectiles may
come my way. So I humbly beg that if anyone who *is* well versed in the
intricacies of Gaelic will take pity on me, and steal off into my corner for
my enlightenment,I will be humbly grateful, and will supply as many rounds
of Black Diamond Snowballs as he or she likes. 
If you reply, please do so off list, and I will send about a dozen names
with which I need help.  Thank you all, whilst I am throwing another log on
the fire...Rosalind

    Rosalind Jehanne 
    Paradox Keep in the Shire of Drachentor    
    Or, a Rose Gules, in Chief Three Suns Or