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Re: help,please

At 5:25 PM 14.02.96, Lance Harrop wrote:

>> What do you think of the one in the Known World Handbook? (for a cothardie)
>Sorry, I haven't seen it.  Tell me how it lays out the pattern for the
>various pieces?

Um, it doesn't, really.  :-) It just tells you what measurements to take
and shows you what shape the pieces should be (with those measurements
marked) and how to put them together.  It's more a recipe than a pattern.

At 5:33 PM 14.02.96, Lance Harrop wrote:
>This is what I forwarded to a couple of interested parties.  See how it
>compares to the Handbook.  ;-).

...very informative.  I will certainly keep it in mind--especially if I
ever want to make a lady's cotehardie.  (The skirt was not much of an issue
this time.  :-)

>The trick is that the bodice of the dress is fitted to the body after the
>pieces are sown together.  This narrows the top of the garment, and
>creates the distinctive shapes of each of the panels when the garment is
>taken apart.

*Ah*.  This sounds like it would apply, to a lesser extent, to a male
cotehardie as well; fitting a flat chest should be easier, but still.

>essentially that, left the parts attached.  I put in a false seam to help
>with fitting the garment, but I didn't cut the pieces apart.

...<lightbulb goes on>...what a concept.  :-)

>Then you get a friend, cause it's fitting time ;-).

Actually, I suspect this was my main failing--I was fitting it on myself,
which *might* have been OK if I had really known what I was doing.  As it
was, I was, say, trying to use my left arm to pin up the right side, which,
um, distorted things a bit.  ;-)

Thank you very much.  :-)

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