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Saxon & Viking Brewing

Greetings to all gathered here at Cheapside from Beornheard of Wearmouth.

I am writing concerning proper meads and beers for a Saxon-Viking event.  
Assuming the site permits it, I would like to do a feast at the Not 
Enough Saxon Violence event in September complete with the passing of the 
mead horn, etc.  

This, of course, raises the question of proper mead and beer.  What do we 
know of mead and beer that early?  Are there any authorities on that 
subject?  Do any of our brewers know anything on the types of meads and 
beers known in the 9th-10th century that they can share with me?

Please e-mail me if you, or someone you know who is not on the net, is 
willing to work with me documenting this stuff.