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event announcement: Carpe Dulcitudo

The autocrat asked me to post this:

Carpe Dulcitudo - The Dragon Returns

   Border Vale Keep
   11 May 1996
   TO ARMS! TO ARMS! Carpe Dulcitudo! (Seize The Sweets) The dragon has
   returned! The folk of the Shire of Border Vale Keep invite all to help
   rid the land of this treacherous beast. However, be warned that there
   will be many trials and only those of great valor and skill will
   Fighters, Carpe Dulcitudo (Seize Your Sweets), the Marshall (Partha)
   has devised a series of challenges to satisfy the most stalwart of
   warriors. The prize for the best warrior will be a stainless steel
   bascinet, donated by Red Falcon Armouries. The day will also include
   an IKAC, bow and buckler competition for combat archers, duello, and A
   & S display. Children's activities and day care for ages 2-5 are
   currently planned, but we need volunteers. After the beast has been
   defeated, there will be served a hearty feast to include our
   traditional tribute to our patron saint GODIVA. Entertainers and
   volunteers are welcome. Merchants are welcome. Please contact the
   Autocrat for specifics.
   COST ON-BOARD, ON-SITE: $12.00 before April 29, 1996, $15.00 after
   April 29, 1996.
   On-board space is limited to 150 . Please register early. On board
   reservations will be taken on cash in hand basis. Children under 12
   half price. Age 5 and below are guests of the shire. Proof of
   membership is required. Any questions call the Autocrat: Lord Robert
   the Forgotten (Robert W. Skidmore) at phone: 706-737-6626 NLT 10 p.m.
   Send reservations to : Lord Bruno Jager (Richard Markman) 338 East
   Hedge Rd. Aiken SC 29801 phone: 803 642 2287 NLT 10 p.m. Make checks
   payable to: Shire Border Vale Keep, SCA, Inc. Questions concerning
   feast, allergies, etc., please contact feastocrat, Lord Bruno Jager at
   803-642-2287 after 7 p.m. E-mail jager@csra.net . The site will be
   Camp Tanglewood, GSA, Martinez, Ga. Limited cabin space is available.
   Tenting is permitted. Due to Girl Scout requirements, this site is
   DRY. The site opens at 5 p.m. on Friday, May 10, 1996 and will close
   by 1 p.m. on Sunday., May 12, 1996.
   DIRECTIONS TO SITE: Take best route to Augusta, Ga on I-20. Take exit
   #63, Belair Road. From South Carolina turn right onto Belair Road,
   continue through to second red light, Columbia Road. Take left onto
   Columbia Road and continue for about 2 miles. Site will be on the
   right side of road. Signs will be posted. From Georgia on I-20 take
   left onto Belair Road, exit #63, go through to third red light
   Columbia Road, and follow same directions as above.