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Emerald Joust Information! (long)

Unto the subjects of the Kingdom of Atlantia does Anarra Karlsdottir, 
Autocrat of Emerald Joust, send greetings!

Below is a goodly quantity of information regarding Emerald Joust and 
Kingdom Birthday.

Please feel free to e-mail me at 71035.3227@compuserve.com or call 
(804) 994-5845 (NLT 9:30pm) if you have questions or wish to reserve 
space to enter the encampment competition.

Emerald Joust
Barony Of Caer Mear
24, 25, 26 and 27 May, 1996

The Barony of Caer Mear joyfully invites the populace of Atlantia to our
annual Emerald Joust! The Site is Brady Saunders Boy Scout Camp near 
Goochland, VA--same site as last year (hopefully dryer).

There will be two A & S competitions: Period Encampment and Inexpensive
Alternatives. Extra points will be awarded for documentation. Entrants in
the Period Encampment competition must reserve space with the Autocrat.
"Inexpensive Alternatives are period-looking items made in an innivative 
and inexpensive way.  Faux gemstones made of FIMO, re-worked shoes from 
Payless Shoe Source, Renaisance brocades from Goodwill draperies - use 
your imagination!

There will also be an open Baroness Arts and Sciences Display. Her
Excellency would like to highlight items made for local groups--banners,
chests, coronets, feast gear, etc. but all items are welcome for display.
The members of Spun, Warped And Twisted, the Kingdom Fiber Arts group, 
will also be displaying their works.

There will be activities on Saturday and Sunday organized by Lady Mavi of 
Black Diamond.  "The Road To Cathay" is an adventure that will take place 
on Saturday afternoon.  Children and non-fighters are invited to partake 
in an adventurous journey from Italy to Cathay.  The goal is to complete 
the journey as courteously and with as much gold as possible.

As with the other Emerald Joust competitions, an 'emerald' prize will be 
awarded to the most courteous Young Adventurer and a 'saphire' prize to the 
Young Adventurer with the most gold.

All Adventurers under the age of seven (7) must be accompanied on their 
journey by an adult.  Every five (5) Adventurers over the age of seven 
must be accompanied by two (2) adults.

Lady Mavi asks for volunteers to protray the kinds of hazards medieval 
travellers would have faced - crooked innkeepers, robbers, beggers, wild 
animals, etc.  To make this a truely memorable and fun experience for the 
Young Adventurers, we will need about 30 people. If you enjoy acting, here 
is a place for your talents to shine! Non-actor volunteers are needed too. 
Interactions between the Adventurers and the characters will be governed 
by chance.  By using tokens selected at random, each group of Adventurers 
will have a different experience with any given Hazard.

If you wish to volunteer or have ideas to make this an even more fun 
adventure, please contact the autocrat at her e-mail address or contact 
Lady Mavi (Elizabeth Heckert) at 1620 Monument Avenue #5; Richmond, VA, 
23220 (804) 353-8293 (6:30pm - 10:00 pm).

Children's activities on Sunday will include a Boffer tourney and active 
games.  IF YOU HAVE PARTICIPATING CHILDREN, Lady Mavi and Lady Anarra will 
be asking you to donate one hour per day per child to helping with the 
children's activities.

On Sunday, in addition to the Lochmere Lawn Party, the Kingdom of Atlantia
will celebrate our 15th birthday with a Pas de Arms tourney, a Queens 
Champion Rapier Tourney, an A & S display and an auction. The populace is 
encouraged to bring items or donate services to be auctioned for the 
benefit of the Kingdom Coffers.

The following Site Rules will be in effect at Emerald Joust: All attendees
must have fun. Underage drinking will NOT be tolerated. Bring ID! Driving on
grass will not be allowed for any reason--bring a hand cart to transport
your things. Dogs must be on a leash, and the leash in a human hand, or
confined to a covered crate at all times. Swimmers must wear at least a
bathing suit. Children will not be allowed to ride in the back of open pick-
up trucks. The speed limit in the camp is 15 miles an hour.

Camping Arriving Fri.   $9
Camping Arriving Sat.   $7
Camping Arriving Sun.   $4
Day-Trip Fee            $3 per day

Saturday Feast          $5
Sunday Feast            $5

Make Checks payable to the Barony of Caer Mear, SCA, Inc.
Children under 12 are half price. Children under 2 are free.
There will be no off-board space in the feast hall as space is limited--get
your reservations in early!

Cancellations prior to Thursday May 23rd will be refunded with the usual
exceptions for active duty military personnel.

The Autocrat is Lady Anarra Karlsdottir c/o Terry L. Neill; 31377 Old Dawn
Road; Hanover, VA; 23069-2006; (804) 994-5845 (NLT 9:30 p.m.)
e-mail: 71035.3227@compuserve.com.  
Send reservations and checks or money orders to her.

The Feastocrat is Lord Stephen of Caer Mear c/o Peter Clarke; Route 3, Box
4250; Bumpass, VA 23024; (540) 872-5481 (NLT 10:00 p.m.). Please contact him
if you have special dietary concerns.

The Merchocrat is Lord Ian Andrew de Scroggs c/o James Howell; 996 Dorset Rd;
Powatan, VA 23139; (804) 598-2168 (NTL 10:00 p.m.). Merchants will be asked
to donate an item or service of moderate value to the Kingdom Auction.

The Kingdom Birthday Celebration Autocrat is Master Dafydd ap Gwystl c/o
David Kuijit; 2801 Ashmont Terrace; Silver Spring, MD 20906; 
(301) 598-7427 (NLT 10:30 p.m.).