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Re: Response to Proposed IAC Banishment Change

Good Milord,

Please forward this to the Master James of Rutland.

I have taken pen (keyboard) in hand to let it be known that I agree with you in regards to your opinion that kings should not be given more power.  Nor in my opinion should I kings be given a free ride.  Also, I agree that review of banishment should not be taken away from the BOD.  

However, I do not agree that the crown should not be won by right of arms.  There is nothing wrong with this mthod.  It is a far cry better than prima ******, and if I am not mistaken democracy is out of period.

I believe that certain courtesy should be shown the crown to include alleviating the cost of regalia and the many events that a royal _should_ attend during their reign.  The way it is done in Meridies is an interesting system, and seems to have produced agreable royals and peers.  In this system, the royals still send their check to the autocrats for the events.  It is up to the autocrats as to whether the money is returned or not.  Although it usually is, I believe this to be more out of respect to the Crown than a matter of course.  

I also agree that should this practice of using corporate/kingdom/local branch money towards providing _individual_ perks (as opposed to merely supporting the corwn -- a Corporate entity -- with regalia, etc) it would begin to compromise the Society's status as a non-profit organization, and leave said individuals open to audits.

Yours in service Atlantia,

Fhearghuis Ghillechriost mac mheic Iain