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Re: Response to Proposed IAC Banishment Change

On Tue, 19 Mar 1996, John J. Hale wrote:

BOD.  > > > However, I do not agree that the crown should not be won by
right of arms.  There is nothing wrong with this mthod.  It is a far cry
better than prima ******, and if I am not mistaken democracy is out of
period. > > I believe that certain courtesy should be shown the crown to
include alleviating the cost of regalia and the many events that a royal
open to audits. > > Yours in service Atlantia, > > Fhearghuis
Ghillechriost mac mheic Iain
  To Fhearghuis Ghillechriost mac mheic Iain does Esclarmonde de Colloure 
send greetings.
  I must disagree with you that there is nothing wrong with chosing a 
monarch by combat. It is wholly anachronistic and one of the major 
problems citied (along with the policy on religion) when the SCA tries to 
be recognized as an "educational" organization. Personally, I would 
perfer that if a leader is chosen by arms we use the titles and forms of 
the tournament societies in 15C some of which did chose leaders that way.
  As for democracy, it is certainly period for say the Northern Italian 
city-states. And was not the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire elected?
  The question is how tightly we wish to cleave to our "educational" 
purpose. The purpose which justifies our tax exemption under American law.
  As to money benefits for the crown, that too is a matter which is 
governed by tax law--doing it improperly will raise problems under the 
"private inurement" prohibitions in the Internal Revenue Code. That could 
imperil the tax exemption of the SCA as a whole.
  I addressed many of these issues in a letter presented to the GC and 
the BoD about a year ago. There are likely net readable copies on some of 
the major web pages.
  In Service