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Re: Delay of Messages

Greetings to the Merry Rose from Evan da Collaureo.

I note that Beornheard has already seen Dafydd's note. Undoubtedly because
he uses Netcom....

From: Jeff Tyeryar <uunet!netcom.com!tyeryar>
>With all respect to those who have invested their time and efforts to 
>establish and maintain this list, the time-delay problem is not 
>susecptible to being fixed - it is inherent in the way Netcom has their 
>system configured, and Netcom has no incentive at this time to spend 
>money or man-hours making it work any different.

Then no further discussion is necessary on whether to ditch Netcom or not.
Answer: Ditch. Now on to the next question: where do we move to?