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Re: Delay of Messages

Unto those gathered at Cheapside:

I am afraid I have to agree with Dafydd.  While I, as a Netcom user, am 
not subject to delay in sending my messages, I have found that posted 
responses to my recent queries (as opposed to privately sent email) take 
several days.  In some cases where a respondent has replied both to my 
account and to the List, four or five days have lapsed between the 
arrival in my mailbox of the email to me and the message posted to the list.

>From my perspective, this makes it almost impossible to carry on a 
meaningful dialogue.  For all practical purpose, the List as it currently 
operates is one-way - good for getting information out, but not very 
useful as a forum for generating and discussing ideas.

With all respect to those who have invested their time and efforts to 
establish and maintain this list, the time-delay problem is not 
susecptible to being fixed - it is inherent in the way Netcom has their 
system configured, and Netcom has no incentive at this time to spend 
money or man-hours making it work any different.