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Re: Delay of Messages

> With all respect to those who have invested their time and efforts to 
> establish and maintain this list, the time-delay problem is not 
> susecptible to being fixed - it is inherent in the way Netcom has their 
> system configured, and Netcom has no incentive at this time to spend 
> money or man-hours making it work any different.
> Beornheard

And here I thought I'd forgotten to subscribe to this list! 

At the risk of broadcasting my naivete, it sounds like it's time to look
for a provider other than Netcom. Who should I contact if I turn up with
anything better? 

'Quid est: rei esse quendae?' dixit Pu. 'Quia ursus pusilli ingenii sum 
verba difficilia fastido.'     
                           _Winnie ille Pu_  --A.A. Milnei