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Re: Response to Proposed IAC Banishment Change

Esclarmonde (Lisa Steele) wrote:
>On Mon, 25 Mar 1996, Stephanie Malone Thorson wrote:
>> On Fri, 22 Mar 1996, Lisa Steele wrote:
>> not perfect, does at least have certain built-in safeguards - even a bad
>> king is gone in 6 months time, and there is an administration that runs
>> the kingdom reasonably well despite the quality of the royalty. 
>  I confess I am not satisfied with this. One with the title of monarch 
>should be more than a figurehead the administration works around. If we 
>want a figurehead, let us clearly say so.
> --Esclarmonde

Given this, the question then becomes should the monarchs of the SCA reign,
rule or lead? There is a distinct difference between all three, and I know
where I put my money.

I have heard and read many different opinions on how to change the current
selection of monarchs. I have even espoused a few myself. If we wish to
lobby the Corporation (and yes, we have to take it to that level as the
method of selection of monarchs is not changeable at the kingdom level) for
a change to how this is done, then we must be very careful that we treat the
condition, and not merely a symptom. If a system can be abused, and what I
have read so far indicates that it is this which most people are up in arms
about, then someone will find a way to do it. A system must be devised which
will allow the least amount of abuse. Of course, once someone gets onto a
throne there's no telling how they'll turn out, and while they could win the
crown fairly and honourably, they could still turn out to be a despot. Ya
pays yer nickel, ya takes yer chances.

In service,
Corun MacAnndra
Baron Storvik

P.S. I have CC'd this message to the new Atlantian mailing list, which is
undergoing testing and revision, in order to test response time and to keep
this thread alive on both lists for as long as it wishes to stay alive at all.

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