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Re: Administrivia - Delays,New List -Reply

On Fri, 29 Mar 1996, Laurie Kovaleski wrote:

> Greetings Lord Kendrick
> Please do not think ill of me when I remind you that other people have offered to move the
> list to other sites that will move post faster than Netcom. 
> Now, I hear you say that this new & improved site will _cost_ money? I all ready spend
> over thirty dollars a year to stay in touch with SCA related info. IMHO _no_ list is valuable
> enough to spend money on. Is it really that important for the list address to read
> "atlantia@atlantia.sca.org" ?
> Lady Brigid of Linnhe
> Windmasters' Hill
> mka L. China Kovaleski
I did not say the site would cost money.  The site is already
up and available.  The money is to make it easier to use.

Thank you to all who have pledged money.  Let me get back to
you later this weekend about who to and where to send the money.


In service,
Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
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