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Re: Administrivia - Delays,New List -Reply

On Fri, 29 Mar 1996, Tanner Lovelace wrote:

> I did not say the site would cost money.  The site is already
> up and available.  The money is to make it easier to use.

After rereading my post, I don't think I was very clear in what
I was saying.  I am not asking anyone who doesn't want to to
give anything.  I happen to think that since we need to move
anyway, doing something to minimize the confusion when we 
move, and if we have to move again, would be a good thing.  Getting
our own domain name would accomplish this.  Unfortunately, the
Internic, the great proccesor of domain names, thought it would be
better if everyone started paying $50 a year for this.  That's
where the money comes in.  No one is going to ask anyone to pay
anything just for the priviledge of being on the mailing list.
What I was asking was that if someone else thought this would
be a good idea, would they be willing to help out with it.
(Much the same way the SCA board is now asking for donations.)
Several people have expressed interest in helping (for which I
thank them greatly), and it looks like it will now be possible.
Whether or not it happens, though, the list will end up in a 
much better place.

If anyone is still confused, or has questions, please feel
free to e-mail me directly.

In service,
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