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Re: Administrivia - Delays,New List -Reply

To Lord Kendrick the Longsuffering, and all others at Cheapside,

While I appreciate (really I do) the desire to avoid confusion and make 
the list easier to use, I would, at this stage, prefer to have a more 
efficient list *now* rather than wait for an expensive domain name to be 
registered.  Lists move and addresses change.  Last fall, one of the 
professional lists I read changed address, not because the listowner 
changed, or because it moved from one site to another, but because the 
server at the university where the list is administered was retired.  The 
listowner sent a message to the list at large announcing this some weeks 
before the fact, and sent another the day before the scheduled move.  The 
subscriptions were, in the main, successfully transferred, without 
confusion or undue hardship, and the list is now just as healthy and 
active as it ever was.  I think Atlantia-L should be able to cope with 
such a move as well.  If, at some later stage, the special domain name 
could be registered, that would be a bonus.  But for now, I'd jsut like 
to be able to send a message and see it appear in less than 5 days time.

In service,
Stephanie M. Thorson			*  SCA: Lady Alianora Munro
University of St Andrews		*  
St Andrews, Scotland			*  Clan White Wing
email smt2@st-andrews.ac.uk		*  Tarkhan, Khanate Red Lion