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            The Seventh Annual Columbia Medieval Guild Conference
                            DEATH, JUDGMENT,
                      Saturday, October 26, 1996
                 Philosophy Hall, Columbia University
    Roundtable Moderator:  Professor Caroline Walker Bynum, Columbia University
    Keynote Address:  To be announced
    Performance:  The Wakefield Last Judgment
                            CALL FOR PAPERS
    This conference will address eschatological awareness in ancient,
    medieval, and modern cultures and will focus on how this awareness of the
    "End" influenced literature and social, religious, political, and
    cultural practices.  The day will open with a panel discussion on
    methodological approaches to the topic. This will be followed by the
    presentation of graduate student papers, an afternoon keynote address,
    and a performance of the Wakefield Last Judgment play.
    Possible topics include:  eschatology; resurrection and immortality;
    heaven, hell, and purgatory; penance and pilgrimage; institutionalized
    asceticism and "death to the world"; death, relics, and remembrance; the
    cult of saints; burial and funerary practices; ghosts and otherworld
    journeys; and apocalypticism and millenarianism.
    Graduate students and recent recipients of the Ph.D. in Art History and
    Architecture, History, Music, Philosophy, Religion, and English and
    language departments are invited to submit papers.
    GRADUATE STUDENTS: please submit a 250-word abstract and a brief
    biography by June 10, 1996.
            Medieval Guild
            Dept. of English and Comparative Literature
            602 Philosophy Hall
            Columbia University
            New York, New York 10027
    For further information, please contact:
    Liz Weinstock                   Mary Agnes Edsall
    eaw22@columbia.edu              mae4@columbia.edu
    (212) 473-1545                  (212) 316-2104