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Pas Tourney Type

Although I doubt many of the folks on this list will be going to Rescue
California, I thought several might be interested in their description of
the Pas de Arms tourney they will be holding on coronation Weekend.  Pas de
Arms style tournies were not very prominent in the West when I left there 2
years ago.  They're one of the neat new things I learned about in Atlantia.

I pulled this off the West Kingdom e-list.

        - Anarra

Here is the information for the Windymeads Pas d'Arms (to be held in 
Rescue, CA, on April 20). For more information, contact the Windymeads
seneschal, Cynon, at jamie@ucdavis.edu.

  This year's tournament is based on fifteenth century 
  German challenge tournaments and "feats of arms." This 
  mode of combat was one of the more popular forms of 
  tourney fighting in the period. It involved 
  sequential passes on foot with spears, polearms, 
  single swords, and single daggers. 
  The Invocation will begin at 10:30, when the tenans 
  (defenders) are introduced with a helmschau, or parade 
  and display of armor and heraldry. Bring your best 
  banners, a page to carry your shield, and a Herald to 
  sing your glories. (If you don't know any Heralds, ask 
  around. Bribe or Buy one!) At this writing, the list 
  of tenans includes: Cynon, Sibelious, Sean, Master 
  Malcolm, Elric, Sir Thomas, and Sir Aldric. 
  If at this time, a member of the gallery (audience) 
  feels any of the competitors are not worthy to 
  compete, they may challenge his or her entry into the 
  tournament by knocking over the competitor's helm. If 
  so challenged, the competitor can gain entry into the 
  tournament only by persuading a panel of judges of his 
  valor and courtesy. 
  Challenges will begin at 11. The first round will be 
  fought in order of precedence of the fighters 
  The second round's order will be determined by a panel 
  of judges: the three most honorable and chivalrous 
  fighters will fight their challenge rounds first. 
  There will be a short lunch break (during which those 
  who wish to may indulge in pickup rounds, and so on). 
  The third round will be the "feats of arms." These 
  bouts are fought with matched weapons. The defender 
  may choose the weapons style; the challenger chooses 
  the style of the bout, whether standard single combat, 
  counted blows, group combat with balanced teams, or 
  combat at the barriers. Each challenge will consist of 
  four sub-rounds, each with a different weapon. 
  The fourth round will be melees. 
  At the closing ceremonies at approximately 4 p.m., 
  there will be a second helmschau. At that time members 
  of the gallery will be invited to present tokens to 
  that fighter you feel has best displayed valor in 
  battle, and the fighter who has been most courteous. 
  We encourage all fighters to display their helms, 
  shields, and the tokens they have earned during the 
  feast in a special display area, where the populace 
  may continue to reward them for their valor and 
More information about the event can be found in the April _Page_,
or at the Mountain's Gate web site,