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Have I got a deal for you!!! Lillies War for free.

Good companions:

I am in a bind.  For those of you who don't recognize my name, I am the trim
merchant originallly from Calontir who lives in Highland Foorde.  Due to our
winter of epic proportions, shool has been extended to approximately ten
minutes before the starting gun of the Pennsic Woods battle.  It has been my
intent and strong desire to return to my homeland of Calontir
for their annual Lilies War, in part for the geat comradeship 
and many battles, in part, truth be told, for the selling of ribbon.   Alas,
my commitments at school prevent me from driving the 1000 miles there and
1000 miles back in any sort of reasonable time while still pretending to be a

    Here is where you can help.  I am looking to have someone drive my van
full of merchandise, armor, camping equipment,
etc from Hagerstown, MD to Smithville (Kansas City) MO.
I will fly out on Wednesday and back to Hagerstown on Sunday.  
I will pay all site fees, travel expenses, and $150 cash for the 
person who volunteers.  

The War of the Lilies is Calontir's major summer event,
entering its tenth year.  It is held in a closed to public camp on 
Smithville Lake, 15 miles north of downtown Kansas City.
The site has a swimming beach, hot showers, ice and firewood 
delivery and lovely camping areas.

Average attendance over the past three years has been 1000-1100.
It is a good opportunity for merchants, and I can arrange 
space for you.   For fighters, there are battles planned every 
day, as well as tournaments.  Last year we used a farmer's schedule,
fighting 9-noon, taking siestas through the heat of the day, 
and resuming from 5:30 -7:30, keeping heat problems to a minimum.
Arts and Sciences classes are numerous, organized by our Royal
University.  Full schedule of archery as well.  Note that rapier 
fighting is specificly banned by park regulations, and is not 
practiced in Calontir anyway.  

The event runs from June 8 to June 16.  Yes, this is the same time
as Thirty Year Celebration in An Tir  (We were on the calendar first,
for what that's worth).   If you were to come up to Hagerstown 
Friday night the seventh, we could get you arranged to leave 
Saturday morning, with Indianapolis being a reasonable goal 
for a day's driving (< 600 miles)  arrange crash space, and give
a leisurely 420 miles for Sunday.  Packing would happen on Sunday
the 16th with crash space in KC, then a two day trip back to Hagerstown.
Variations are possible, particularly on the trip back.

This is an excellent opportunity for Interkingdom travel,
to see the funnest war in the SCA (it has its own fireworks)
well tailored for college students or those unencumbered by 
nagging work responsibilities.  If this is appealing to you, 
please drop me a line.

Master Andrixos Seljukroctonis