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Re: Comments

Greetings from Tibor.

Aislynn Fyrlocc wrote:
  Dear Henry, you misunderstood me.....I was not challenging the idea that they 
  are self-selecting (a requirement under California corp. Law --see below), 
  but that simply by being self-selecting that they were necessarily self 

Correction: It is not a requirement under California law that the SCA
Incorporated be a non-membership corporation.  Ysabeau's impressions are
also incorrect.  Membership does not have to be pan-societal: you could
quite easily write rules that are legal, and restrict voting in all sorts of
ways (some sensible, and some nonsense.)  Quorum issues are also easily to

>From anecdotal evidence, I was under the distinct impression that Fandom and
Fanish politics were the impetus for a Board that could not be coopted by
the membership: and the whole IDEA was for it to be non-responsive, in case
someone wanted to try and buy votes.  Now, of course, with our size being
what it is, such protectionism is not required.  (If that anecdotal reason
was even ever true.)

If Ysabeau's notions on stability and capability were correct, there would
hardly be a conventional or non-profit corporation still standing.  The
evidence of our senses would dictate that popular elections of Directors and
such ought to be workable.

Not to mention, as Ysabeau acknowledges, the Board rarely is knowledgable
about the individuals nominated, or their skills and personalities. Her
comment about consituencies is a red-herring.  If a pan-Societal election
were held, the constiuence IS the Society.  And, in fact, if you read the
American Bar Associations Handbook for Directors of Nonprofits, the
consituency is supposed to be the general public as well as the supporters
of the corporation.

Liz knows her stuff: no question.  But there is lots more to consider than
what she did.

As for me? I am currently on the Grand Council, which spent much of the last
quarter discussing potential changes to the nominations process.

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