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Poeta Atlantia Contest

Kind gentles,
On the request of Ceridwen the current Poeta Atlantia and Baroness of 
Windmasters Hill, I convey this message unto the peoples of the Merry Rose 
I appologize in advance for any errors in the retyping.

Greetings unto all the poets of Atlantia from Baroness Ceridwen ferch 
Owain, current Poeta Atlantia! 

Good gentles, at Emerald Joust on Sunday there will be a competition to 
decide the next Poeta of Atlantia.  The subject for the competition is 
Courtly Love.  Below are the rules for Courtly Love as outlined by Adreas 
Capellanus in hid Book II of De Arte Honesti Amandi. The poems for the 
Poets competition should deal with one or more of the rules outlined below.
Poems should be dropped off at a table set up for this purpose by noon on 
Sunday.  There will be a pick up time announced at the site.  The winner 
will be announced on Sunday.  Documentation is requested and regarded 
quite favorably.  If there are any questions, please contact me.

Yours in service,
c/o Linda Goldman
306-B N.Steele Street
<I believe this email address is no longer working  -Xavier> 
                     The Rules Of Love

1) The state of marriage does not properly excuse anyone from loving
2) He who does not feel jealousy is not capable of loving
3) No one can love two peoples at the same time.
4) It is well known that love is either growing or declining. 
5) Whatever a lover takes against his lover's will has no savor.
6) A male does not fall in love until he reaches full manhood.
7) A mourning period of two years for a deceased lover is required of the 
   surviving partner.
8) No one should be prevented from loving except by reason of his own death.
9) No one can love unless they are compelled by the eloquence of love.
10) Love is accustomed to be an exile from the house of avarice.
11) It is unseemly to love anyone you would be ashamed to marry.
12) A true lover does not desire the passionate embraces of anyone but 
    his beloved.
13) Love that is made public rarely lasts.
14) Love easily obtained is of little value; difficulty in obtaining it 
    makes it precious.
15) Every lover regularly turns pale in the prescence of his beloved.
16) On catching sudden sight of his beloved, the heart of the lover 
    begins to palpate.
17) A new love drives out the old.
18) A good character alone makes someone worthy of love.
19) If love lessens, it soon fails and rarely recovers.
20) A man in love is always fearful.
21) The feeling of love is always increased by true jealousy.
22) When a lover feels suspicious of his beloved, jealousy, and with it 
    the sensation of love, are increased
23) A man tormented by the thought of love eats little and sleeps very 
24) Everything a lover does ends in the thought of his beloved.
25) A true lover considers nothing good but what he thinks will please 
    his beloved.
26) Love can deny nothing to love.
27) A lover cannot have too much of his beloved consolations.
28) A small supposition compels a lover to suspect his lover of doing wrong.
29) A man who is troubled by obsessive lust does not usually love.
30) A true lover is continually and without interruption obsessed by the 
    image of his beloved.
31) Nothing forbids one woman being loved by two men, or one man by two 

(from The Book Of Courtly Love by Andrea Hopkins, pp.6-7)

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