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Fool's War Flier that Works!

>>> David H Ritterskamp 04/09/96 11:34am >>>
Lady Brigid posting for Jonathan Blackbow...         
     I TRIED to send out a Fool's War Flier, really I did...and when I see 
     the message back, all I get is the standard 4-line disclaimer about 
     unsubscribing... Here goes, again...
     Wasn't sure if anybody had this, so FYI...
     Jonathan Blackbow
     APRIL 25, 26, 27, and 28 at Lake Tobesofkee's Claystone Park - Macon, 
     Ga The Shire of Novus Matisco is at it once again.  Come one, come all 
     to the event everyone has asked for.  this may indeed be the last one, 
     so if you haven't been yet - don't be left out!!
     Event Fee:      Event           Day-trip        
     member            $8                   $6            
     non-member    $13                 $11             
     Children(<12)   Free                Free 
     Families with >3 persons pay 3 times the Adult Rate. 
     Don't forget that the park admission fee is $3 per person per day. This mean that 2 
     people arriving on Thursday will pay $24 to enter the park. This fee is paid separately 
     to the Park Rangers at the front gate. Sorry for the inconvenience.
     A&S Competitions
     Best Anachronism
     Period Flower Arrangements
     Musical Instruments (construction)
     Best Constructed Item on Site
     Archery (bowmaking, points, and fletching) Ukranian eggs
     Fool's War VIII Battles
     A.  bear pit tourney on Friday - Will decide the war leaders for the 
     B.  Beach Battle #1
     C.  Beach Battle #2
     D.  the breach Battle
     E.  Bridge Battle #1
     F.  Bridge battle #2
     G.  Themed battle
     Fallon Shea 
     Desmond Kavanaugh
     (912) 477-7333
     no collect calls and no calls after 9:30pm eastern standard time.
     There are no directions printed in the flyer I have just a map.  I 
     will try to give you directions from it.  Once you get to Macon, Ga 
     you want to get on I-75 and then on I-475.  You want to take Exit #2 
     on to Mercer University Bouelvard.   Then traveling west (I believe) 
     you want to find Mosley Dixon Road.  The park is along this road.  
     The map is not to scale so I have no idea what kind of distances we 
     are talking about.  If you will send me your snale mail address again 
     I will mail you a copy of this flyer. 
     Thanks to Ld. Brandr of Meridies for this information- JB

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