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Re: Crown Tourney

     I don't know, Your Highness...it may only be a boring 
     double-elimination tourney, but it IS the only game in town.
     Besides, per Rhiannon's comment, I doubt we could find any heralds 
     willing to perform their duties when faced with two combatants 
     wielding cow patties.  Or two combatants, for that matter.
     I think I'd better stop this train of thought before it gets out of 
     Or would that be, stop it before it gets in hand?

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>      I don't know, your Highness.  Isn't that kind of, well, behind the 
>      times?  You know all the young people coming down the pike want 
>      something more avant-garde.
>      ROFL, J. Blackbow
Then I guess that means you want to withdraw?  I mean, after all it is 
just going to be a boring double-elimination tourney...

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