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Re: Rapier Net

On Tue, 16 Apr 1996, Ld. Edward of Carillion wrote:

> Good Gentles,
> I've heard rumor of a mailing list dedicated to the Honourable Skills of 
> Defense (Rapier).  Can anyone provide me some information on subscribing 
> etc etc etc?
> Edward

Here's the info.  I just signed up myself. (Note: I'm just forwarding
this message, I'm not the owner of the rapier list.  One list is enough,
thank you :-)

     The e-mail address for this list is


     Just address your e-mail to that address and each of us will get a

     To get on a list you must subscribe or the owner (me) must put you on.
     You don't need to subscribe to this list because if you are getting
     this message you are already on the list. If you have a friend who
     wants to subscribe (or you get a new e-mail address ,have them send an
     e-mail to majordomo@eden.com and put only the following line in the
     BODY of the message:

     subscribe sca-rapier

     He/She can leave the subject line blank as the list server ignores it.

     This is a closed list, meaning that I must approve each application to
     join this list. I will add anyone who applies, but if someone becomes
     a problem I will remove them just as fast.

     If you want to get off this list send a message to majordomo@eden.com
     with the following line in the body:

     unsubscribe sca-rapier your.address@your.provider.com

     If you change e-mail addresses, don't forget to UNSUBSCRIBE your old
     address before you subscribe the new one.

             |                     lovelace@netcom.com      
             |\                       Arlington, VA
             |/      Per chevron argent and azure, a wolf passant 
             |     sable between three compass roses counterchanged.

To unsubscribe to the Kingdom of Atlantia mailing list, send a message
to majordomo@csc.ncsu.edu with no subject and the body consisting of:
unsubscribe atlantia