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Re: Baron's Veto

Lady Sorcha asks about votes and veto power in Baronies.

>        I tried to find references to this vote in Corpora and Red Tape and 
>failed.  I am just curious if this is correct.  As an officer filling two 
>votes, I am wondering if my votes are even worth anything if they can be 
>instantly vetoed at The Coronets whim.   Thank you.

Lady Sorcha, what you describe is purely internal to your Barony.
Some Baronies have voting, some do not, and I suppose some might
have veto power as well.  But there is no law in Kingdom or Corpora
about Baronial veto power.  Never has been.  The internal rules of
Baronies are essentially unregulated, except where they might come
into conflict with Kingdom law.

Dafydd ap Gwystl

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