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Duty(ies) of the Crown

     Leifr said:
     ..BECAUSE, the most important duty of the Crown is the recognition of 
     Merit in the populace of the Kingdom.  Not court ability, not leading 
     wars, not the ability to conduct diplomacy, not meeting management, 
     not heading curia.  The most important Royal duty is giving people 
     their cookies.  
     Which raises a very good question and comment all at once (thanks, 
     Comment:  I don't know what the MOST important duty of the Royals is.  
     For that matter, I don't know if there's an actual list, or just a set 
     of traditions.
     Question:  What IS the most important duty of the Royals?
     ("What is best in life?" said the barbarian leader.)("Conan the 
     Barbarian", for the film-quote challenged.)
     Seriously, folx, what IS the most important duty of the Royals?  Any 
     thoughts, your Highness?
     J. Blackbow

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