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Re: Great Officers

>      I personally had not heard any problems other than trying to find a 
>      new Kingdom Chronicler, and any shortage of people to fill that spot 
>      is understandable.
>      J. Blackbow

There are rarely more than one or two (qualified) candidates who apply for 
a given office opening.  There were two applicants for the Chronicler and 
you are right that it is somewhat understandable, I believe it may be the 
toughest job in the Kingdom.  However, that is about par for most of the 
other offices as well.  The Royalty would like to have three or four 
candidates to choose from.  We don't seem to have a problem with having 
all the officers coming from one region, the current slate include at 
least three corners.  

I believe reason we don't see as many applicants as we would like stems 
from a number of sources:

- "I'm not a Peer and they won't pick me anyway"  Not true, of the 9 GOoS, 
  5 are Peers, 3 of which were made Peer after becoming an Officer. 

- Some officers may use the regional deputies as just helpers and not 
  train them to one day be a candidate for the office.  This is a mistake  
  unless they have a seperate deputy or two that is learning the whole system.

- "Being an officer is expensive, time consuming or both."  It doesn't 
  have to be either.  If you don't try and do all your business via LD 
  phone calls and you are at least moderately organized, you should be fine.   
  If you are reasonably active (1-2 events/month), being an officer might  
  help you choose one event over another, but probably won't require you  
  to attend many more events than you would anyway.

- Some officers groom a specific replacement leaving no alternatives.  
  This is a really poor decision from the perspective of the Kingdom since 
  fewer people will get a chance to learn about the office and serve in 
  some capacity.

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