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> >Finally, to address Mistress Elaina's consternation at
> >the changing world, we do often refer to ourselves and our Cousin
> >Coronets as Coronets because we do, afterall, wear them.
> >The term is used much like Crown is used to
> I think maybe the problem is that, in a principality, "the Coronet"
> means the prince.  Living in the East (close to AEthelmarc, at that),
> I suspect that people around here, used to that meaning, would
> be...confused, at least...to hear a baron refer to himself as "the
> Coronet".
Francois Thibault

Elaina here.

That's it exactly!  Having lived frequently in principalities,
the term "coronet" for a baron just seems odd to me.

And, add to that, that growing older in the Society is not
always a picnic.  The more things change, the fuddier and 
duddier I become.  And it's a hell of a thing for a 60's
Berkeley hippie type to see herself becoming a fuddy-duddy.

Anyone out there interrested in organizing an AA support group?
(That's Aging Anachronists, of course.... )
In Service and Still in Harness,
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