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Re: Re[2]: Duty(ies) of the Crown

Deoca Yarntangler wrote:

>The thing about Royalty in the SCA that gives me the most trouble, is 
>the fact that many gentles seem to automatically respect and defer to 
>them because they're on the thrones. In my book, respect is something 
>that's earned, not given. And being able to take and give the most pain 
>on the field is no grounds for earning my respect. >snip<

Try it from the other way 'round.

When I meet new people, they automatically get a level of 'respect' simply
because they are human beings.  Through their actions I may come to respect
them more or less.

In my book, respect is something that *is* given.  Greater respect is earned. 
Lesser respect is also earned.

So I am perfectly comfortable respecting the person who sits on the throne,
even if I have never met him and her. If, through subsequent actions, some
of my respect dies, I still can feel comfortable showing respect to the
Crown and Kingdom.

However, I do not think automatic deferral to anyone is healthy.  Defer if you
agree.  Defer if you are not directly affected and not in posession of all the
facts.  Defer if it doesn't make any difference to you.  But don't
automatically defer if you disagree. In my opinion, it is one's duty to
speak up about actions one disagrees with.

        - Anarra

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