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Re[2]: Duty(ies) of the Crown

     Actually, I believe that the major duty of the Crown is simple.  It is 
     to make sure that other people have a good time doing whatever it was 
     that they came to the SCA to do.  If that means sitting around looking 
     regal, fine.  But mostly it means encouraging and recognizing the 
     people who are doing things to contribute to the community that we 
     build when we come together.
     What it does NOT mean, as far as I am concerned, is making the 
     populace miserable -- whether by keeping them waiting an unreasonable 
     length of time beyond when things are supposed to start, or by 
     insisting on changing the autocrat's plans for an event (or any part 
     of it), or by making unreasonable demands on people's time, attention, 
     or purses.
     Melisande de Belvoir

So far, this is the most reasonable thing I've heard about the 
responsibilities of the Crown. I personally don't think that the Crown 
should wield much, if any, actual power in running the Kingdom. That's 
what the GOofS's are for, and curia. I think that the Crowns should be 
ceremonial figureheads and givers of cookies. 

The thing about Royalty in the SCA that gives me the most trouble, is 
the fact that many gentles seem to automatically respect and defer to 
them because they're on the thrones. In my book, respect is something 
that's earned, not given. And being able to take and give the most pain 
on the field is no grounds for earning my respect. I will follow 
protocol towards the Crowns, bows and "Your Magesty" and that sort of 
thing, but I certainly am not going to automatically defer to these 
people (on any intellectual basis) just because they're on the throne.

I don't have any real problem with the way the Royals are chosen. Might 
makes right is fine, it's at least close to the way things were done in 
period. Wars could be cool if done right, but the potential for 
problems is high. I simply think that the Crowns should not be given 
that much "real" power over how the Kingdom is run.

I also think that the folks that have held the throne need to be more 
careful about the effect of their reign on the size of their heads. 
This goes back to what I said about respect being earned, not given. It 
seems to me that most folks think the title of "Duke" gives them the 
right to do anything they want! I completely disagree with this mindset 
and will invariably react badly when some "Duke" starts throwing his 
weight around in such a way that it affects me.

Oh well, probably more than I should have said, but what the hey! 

Health to all,
Deoca Yarntangler

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