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Re: Baron's Veto

Lady Sorcha wrote:
>Greetings unto the gentles of Atlantia!
>        I have a simple question regarding a comment made by our Baron at 
>Sunday's Baronial Business meeting.  Is it true that...
>        "I have this little known power to veto any spending decision." - 
>Baron John   ?

and Mistress Elaina (late of Storvik) added:

>have we really gotten this complicated?  corun?  do
>you -veto- things?  do you v-vote- ?  are you a 'coronet'?


First, you should check your Barony's charter to see what it says regarding
any veto power of those who wear the coronets. We were put onto the thrones
of Storvik by the will of the people of Storvik and the King and Queen of
Atlantia, and we can be removed by those same people. We are here not only
because of them, but for them. We hope that all our decisions will benefit
the Barony and, ultimately, the Kingdom, for we make with that in mind.

Second, as a landed Baron, I can say that I wield no such authority. I do
not even preside over the business meetings unless the Seneschal is not
there. I do attend those meetings, and I am one of four signatories on the
checking account, but Lady Johanna, our Seneschal, actually runs the meeting
as she does most of the legal paperwork. Also, with respect to the
aforementioned checking account, it requires two signatures to be valid.
Those signatories are myslef, Baroness Brenna, Lady Johanna, and our
esteemed Exchequer, Lady Tehair.

As far as voting goes, we rarely do this, and only when it comes to spending
large sums of the Barony's money. In fact, this last Sunday at our monthly
business meeting we voted on spending money for a very spiffy item that will
be for sale at Coronation. The profit from this will be split between
Storvik and the Kingdom. But since a fair amount was required for the
project (an ammount that will be returned to the Barony's coffers before the
profit is counted), we requested and preferred to have a majority vote of
the officers and populace in attendence at that meeting. I will add that I
am pleased with the unanimous response to this idea for a Barony/Kingdom
fund raiser, and since there will only be 200 of the items for sale (I'm not
telling what it is as I know His Highness reads this list and I want it to
be a surprise) I will suggest that anyone coming to Coronation have $5 in
hand for one of these. I fully expect us to sell out and have another batch
made up, possibly for sale at Emerald Joust.

Finally, to address Mistress Elaina's consternation at the changing world,
we do often refer to ourselves and our Cousin Coronets as Coronets because
we do, afterall, wear them. The term is used much like Crown is used to
refer to the King and Queen. I rather like the term, especially since I've
heard too many arguments over the use and periodness of the term Baronetcy.
But as I recall, neither Duchess Ysabeau nor you and Master Kai had coronets
made for yourselves, and so the term would be foreign to you. We inherited
our coronets from our predecessors, Master Igor and Mistress Fevronia, who
had them made during their reign (and I'll wager they voted on the
expenditure too ;-). These are now a part of the Storvik Baronial Regalia.

But, good Mistress Elaina, do not worry overmuch. Though new fashions in
clothing and language have come into vogue in Atlantia and Storvik, your
grandchildren are keeping to the fine traditions set down by you and Kai,
and Her Grace (who would have me flayed alive if I ever referred to her as
Great Grandmum) before you.

In service to Storvik, Atlantia and the Society,
Corun MacAnndra
Baron Storvik

   Corun MacAnndra   |  You see, it's like I always say. You can more with a
 Dark Horde by birth | kind word and a 2x4 than you can with just a kind word.
   Moritu by choice  |                                          Marcus

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