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The Crown's burden

Greetings to the Merry Rose! Karen Larsdatter-&c. wrote:

>...to me, the duty of the king is to behave in a manner that allows
>the populace to believe that he is THE KING.

Sounds a bit circular (not circlet) to me.

>...I was saying that passing out awards shouldn't be the *most important*
>thing that a king does.... As I b'leeve I said in the previous message
>(or at least *meant* to say) the most important thing a king to do is
>to behave in such a manner that the people can believe that he is THE
>KING. For some people, apparently, this just means handing out the awards.

Well, everyone's definition of such behavior is bound to vary. Difficulty
comes when groups of people expect diametrically opposed behavior from
their royalty. I don't think Atlantia has gotten to this state, but there
have been troublesome rumblings from time to time. If they rule because
we believe, how hard it must be to to rule a group whose collective
belief is not internally consistent.

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