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Stierbach Water

[ACHTUNG: this post is strewn with invisible smileys. You have been warned.]

Okay. My tag line often says:
>Support the Great Atlantian Breeding Program (tm) - Drink Stierbach Water

So what does Stierbach Water have to do with breeding? you might ask.
Offline conversations have prompted me to post this as a public service.

We have a sign that says "WARNING: The Chirurgeon Marshal has determined
that drinking Stierbach Water may enhance fertility." Or something to
that effect. About two years ago we noticed the unusually high rate of
births among both Stierbachers and attendees of our events. Of course,
there must be some common thread connecting these incidents. Aha - it's
the water!

Going back through old records we saw that the efficacy of Stierbach
Water had been noticed since the beginnings of the Shire. Imbibing it
has a marked positive influence on the imbiber's fertility. However,
I will note that the effect is Multiplicative -- e.g., doubling a zero
fertility leaves you still at zero. Thus those who are barren, or
completely past childbearing years, will not show any discernable

Recent Stierbach Water-related children include (but are not limited to)
Anne and Pascal's pair, Beonne & David's two girls, Brocc and Miriam's
daughter (and one in the oven), Anneke's niece, and Alaric's child due
in Sept.

I should also state for the record that Stierbach Water and the Stierbach
Blessing are two distinct and separate agents, though their effects are
the same. The Stierbach Blessing only affects the Seneschal or those
expressing an interest in that office. Stierbach Water affects everybody.

Evan da Collaureo, herald for Stierbach (among other things)
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