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Re: Stierbach Water

Evan, expounding on the properties of Stierbachian Water:

> Going back through old records we saw that the efficacy of Stierbach
> Water had been noticed since the beginnings of the Shire. Imbibing it
> has a marked positive influence on the imbiber's fertility.
> Recent Stierbach Water-related children include (but are not limited to)
> Anne and Pascal's pair, Beonne & David's two girls, Brocc and Miriam's
> daughter (and one in the oven), Anneke's niece, and Alaric's child due
> in Sept.

In light of your convincing evidence, I was wondering if your Shire would
consider selling small vials of it for the benefit of those who have not
made the Pilgrimage. ;)

'Quid est: rei esse quendae?' dixit Pu. 'Quia ursus pusilli ingenii sum 
verba difficilia fastido.'     
                           _Winnie ille Pu_  --A.A. Milnei


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