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OK,OK I give about the =20 thingys

At 18:28 4/18/96 -0400, Cheryl L. Martin wrote:

>Okay, here's a little email lesson.  Eoghan's mail software encodes his
>messages into MIME format.  For some of us that's not a problem and we
>receive the message and it looks just fine(PINE which I'm using,
>automatically decodes MIME for me), some of us(ie Jonathan Blackbow)
>receives the message with weird characters stuck in it.  This is because
>their mail readers don't do MIME.

OK, Cheryl is right. I haven't read all of the responses but the jist is,
Gene is using MIME.  I use Eudora Pro and it is set for MIME.  Until now
this has not been a problem because everyone else here at Fujitsu is using
Eudora Pro.  Our company standard is uuencode, which have switch back to.
Finally, in at least one case I had used a special character, I fixed it.

I'm happy to know you all cared enough to answer, I wish, however, it had
been my cats.  UUencode seems so prosaic.

Eoghan mac Ailpein, Pict, Late 800's
Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia	
mka  Gene Bonar	 grb@fns.com  9191 772 1112

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