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Connemara Celtic Concert Reminder

Hope I have the right address this time ....  :-)

<Meli sweeps in and curtseys to the assembly:>

Good afternoon, gentle cousins and dear ones!

Just a little reminder this beautiful day:  this coming Sunday is the 
Connemara Concert at St. Dunstan's church in McLean, VA, 7 PM, 4/21/96.

If you can make use of that interesting courier known as Lord WWW, you can 
find out more at:


	If you can't come to the concert, we'll miss you muchly--but you can 
still donate to the hospital's cause.  Drop me a note or check the WWW to 
find out how.

	$10.00 adults,
	$ 6.00 children under 12

	To benefit Women's Hospital Minsk #2, Minsk, Belarus, Russia.  It'll be 
fun--and make you feel good, too!

	As an SCA Adjunct to the directions, those of you who have ever 
attended a Ponte Alto Baronial meeting can follow your customary path to St. 
Paul's--only instead of turning left (if coming from 66) or right (if coming 
from Tyson's Corner) toward that church, go down Idylwood the other way, and 
continue over Great Falls St., through the Westmoreland Intersection, and 
follow Kirby Road (what Idylwood turns into after G. Falls St.) to the church, 
which will then be on your left.If you get there early, come out behind the 
church and look for me & mine; we'll be picnicking on the lawn! :-)

	Hope to see you all there!  It would be a great Post-Revel after