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Re: Scoutmaster royalty

Lady Karen the very Dane-gerous replies to Duke Finvarr:

> I would agree that this is a duty that a king has to think about before 
> he does.  But it isn't *THE* most important thing a king can do.
> As I b'leeve I said in the previous message (or at least *meant* to say) 
> the most important thing a king to do is to behave in such a manner that 
> the people can believe that he is THE KING.  For some people, apparently, 
> this just means handing out the awards.

When I listed the possible duties of the Crown, I did not include the 
idea, as expressed by Earl Dafydd, that the King should behave in a 
manner that allows the populace to think and treat him as a King.  I 
think that perhaps Lady Karen and Earl Dafydd are right, and that this 
duty supercedes the giving of awards.

After all, if the populace doesn't think the giver of the award is worthy 
of respect, why should they respect the recipient of the award??????

It is a damn important relationship.

In Service
and grateful to his Grace, his Excellency, and the very-Dane-gerous,

Leifr Johansson
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