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Fight Practice in NoVA?

Good Morning All-
  I am interested in becoming an SCA member and am very 
interested in Heavy Weapons.  I have read that there is a 
practice on Sundays at the Pimmit Library(on Rt123).  A 
few questions if I may:
*Is this still happening?
*Is it OK for me to just show up to this as a first 
*Is there any person in this establishment who attends 
this practice and could tell me specifics.Who doesn't mind 
constant questions?  ie:what to wear/bring?

As a lurker of 2 odd years I'm way excited to finally get 
my hands dirty(so to speak).Oh! I live in Crystal City 
(VA/DC line) so any information about Storvic's (sp) 
practice as well. Thank you for your trouble
Have a great day and a drink on me!

Kate Field
Ponte Alto, Atlantia
Dum Vivamus,Vivamus
(While we live, let us live)
I speak for myself not CSC!

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