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Re: Pavillions and stuff

I suggest canvas.

Why?  You need sturdy.  Why build something that will be destroyed in
use in a few years?  You'd probably like nice-looking.  Canvas can be
easily decorated with paint (I can send pictures) to look very fine
indeed, and doesn't look bad unpainted.

Canvas is not hot.  Large canvas pavilions with takedown/rollup walls
are as cool as anything else at Pennsic.  Cool depends upon airflow.
Small tents baking in the sun are hot no matter what they are made of.
Large pavilions with high ceilings are OK no matter what they are
made of (as long as it is relatively light-coloured).

No matter what you get, you will never be able to pack it up wet without
getting mildew.  Canvas, nylon, whatever.

Canvas weighs more than nylon.  In one way this is bad--more weight to
pack.  In another this is good--more sturdy in winds.

Canvas is medieval.  Everything else sucks, in my opinion.

Dafydd ap Gwystl
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