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Re: Source of Legitmacy

  Just a quick request.  I have been playing in the SCA for neigh three 
  years (...counts in his head, yeah, that's right), and have played out of 
  kingdom once, in Trimaris.  My limited knowledge of other kingdoms comes 
  from a 1989 map of the Knowne World, that does not include Acre.  Could 
  someone please tell me where this kingdom is located , and why it is a 
  "Knowne World" kingdom, but not a "Laurel" kingdom?  I'm sure there are 
  others out there ignorant on this point as well.

Before I was active there was a contested Crown tournament in the East
Kingdom.  (Back when New York City was most of the East Kingdom.)  It was
not handled delicately, and some harsh feelings ensued.

The Crown whose reign was aborted formed a new and slightly different group,
called the Kingdom of Acre.  Very SCA compatible, but slightly more narrow
focused, and with a slightly different form of Crown combat.  People play in
one, the other, or both.

The harsh edges are pretty well smoothed over: there is a treaty of mutual
recognition between the East and Acre.  In fact, there is one gentleman who
was King once in each.

We all play pretty well together, and they fight with the East at Pennsic.
They made a wonderful spectacle at the Pas d'Armes last summer, with the
Bishop of Acre sponsoring a team, and blessing them before combat.  A really
neat magic moment, for me.

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