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Don't ask them what they did, tell them what we expect.

Pendar the Bard writes:

> For me, there is a line from Excalibur that helps sum it up.
> "The King and the land are one." As the King prospers, so does the land. 
> Even in the SCA the King is the one who sets the environment for the 
> group as a whole. He should have presence of spirit enough to display the 
> qualities that we all aspire to, and presence of mind enough to realize that.

Maybe we should give up on this Royal Class idea until we can come to a 
consensus of what WE want and expect from our Crown.  As someone else 
commented, there does not seem to be a consistent idea.

Do we perhaps expect:

The Crown to turn in paperwork on the awards they gave so the awards will 
become official,

The Crown to be seen at more events then their heirs,

The Crown to be at more then four events in a reign,

The Crown not to be TOO familar,

The Crown to speak foresoothly, as opposed to using, say, modern sports 

The Crown to speak plainly, for the benefit of the whole kingdom,

The Crown to listen to members of their households, especially their 
former knights and teachers,

The Crown to listen to Dukes and Counts and Viscounts (or just some of 

The Crown to encourage foreign-made peers moved into the Kingdom to 
attend them and swear fealty,

The Crown to maintain the high standards of the Atlantian peerages,

The Crown to allow Curia to SPEAK on various law proposals,

The Crown to keep that unruly Curia in check,

The Crown to be an instigator of legislation,

The Crown to be a judge of competing proposed legislation,

The Crown to be a support to its GOofS,

The Crown to guide and direct the GOofS,

The Crown to lead in War,

The Crown to stand back in war and tourney and judge the worthiness of 
its fighters,

The Crown to recognize the local paculiarities of Baronies and other 
groups and support that,

The Crown to homogenize the Kingdom, so it is easy to move from group to 
group without a difficult time learning the new styles,

The Crown to make everyone play the same game,

The Crown to support everyone playing their own game,

The Crown to jealously guard Royal power,

The Crown to recognize and protect the rights of their peers and subjects,


Lots of strawmen to cut down, I'm sure you'll say, but I think they are 
all kind of valid questions based on recent events and reigns.

Any opinions?

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