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Their Majesties Treasure Chest at Coronation

I wanted to bring to your attention the individuals who placed items in the
competition for Their Majesties Treasure Chest at Coronation. Her Majesty was
very pleased with all the entries and I was so proud that so many came
forward with such lovely gifts of incredible variety. If you know any of the
following gentles, please convey my appreciation to them for contributing
their talents to the Kingdom. A very special thank you goes to the Barony of
Hidden Mountain for contributing the prize of 50 coins in the image of Susan
B. Anthony. <g> for Best of Show.

Lady Susanna Grey received the Best of Show with a wonderful gift of numerous
jars of Honey. They were set up in a marvelous display that was not only
pleasing to the eye but provided samples for everyone to enjoy. In addition,
she was very informative on beekeeping and the act of obtaining and bottling
the honey. The process was documented and her steps in producing this were
displayed. Lady Margherita the Weaver provided 3 beautiful sets, 2 each, of
her hand woven towels and received an Honorable Mention from Her Majesty.

In addition, there were wonderful entries by the following gentles (given in
the order I was going around the table <g>):
Lady Julia Windsor - 5 various potables
Lady Aileen McDonagh - 4 sewn and painted handkerchiefs
Minowiera Kirtsubosensei - 2 reddish mustards
Ysolt la Bretonne - an embroidered, handcrafted needlecase
The Windmaster's Scriptorium - 30 assorted illuminated bookmarks
Janie of Ponte Alto - a hand-crocheted cawl
Tangwystl Ferch Dafydd - 2 tablet woven bookmarks (more to come)
Lady Branwen Modyn Wallis - bead-knitted pendant purse
Lady Chriemhilt ron Regensburg - 5 hand made glass beads & pouch
Thega Adenwald the Hazardous - 8 bottles of beer
Lady Myrrha Fionnbhar ni Argyll - handspun 2-Ply embroidery silks 
    and handwoven pouch. Plus woven trim and a spun and
    knitted Teddy Bear
Lord Stephan of Caer Mear - Silver salt cellar & spoon
Genevieve Chasteignier de Carcassonne - 2 stones in wire w/ cord;
   1 Rosequartz & 1 Hematite 
Lady Anarra Karlsdottir - A Viking bead and coin necklace
Genevieve de Chartres - woven belt
Lady Iaroslava Ivanovna - 4 ceramic boxes (Majolica Style) and a
   Ukranian egg
Giovanna Donnina - Passementerie belt
Lady Arawynn of Ravenhall - Story bones inside a paper mache book.

There was also an open display that included the 14th century Viking dress by
Lady Aileen McDonagh, a poem written for Coronation by Marissa Grey Dragon
(age 10), plus her poem entitled "Night Skys", A Ballad for Brigit written by
Baroness Ceridwen ferch Owain and a set of pictures of some beautiful clothes
made by The Honorable Lady Christiana della Falco.

I was quite pleased. Thank you all so much. Please forgive me if I have made
a mistake with any gentles name or title.

In service,
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