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3YC Archery advert (fwd)

Archery and similar at the Thirty Year Celebration

What's currently planned as of April 23:

  About sixteen _major_ battles that include missile weapons.
  Four scenarios involving thrown weapons, four with 3/4 inch
  arrows (helmet screen required), four with 1 1/4 inch arrows
  ("Markland"), and four with golf tube arrows. Some of these
  scenarios will be non-contact, others will be full-contact.

  Some yet-to-be-determined battles combining rapier combatants
  and missile combatants.

  Conveniently-located 40-yard archery lanes with a dozen butts
  open every day for practice, Royal Rounds, IKACs, instruction,
  and children's archery.

  Separate long-range archery lanes open every day for York
  Rounds, period shoots, and IKCACs.

  Individual 3YC winners in Royal Rounds, York Rounds, IKAC,
  and IKCAC.

  The Truemark Archery Challenge, a prestigious cash prize
  tourney to benefit Children's Archery in the winner's
  Kingdom. Combine your scores in Royal Rounds, York Rounds,
  IKAC, and IKCAC until your fingers blister.

  The first ever interkingdom Archery Masterwork Judging, for
  excellence in the making of bows, arrows and other archery

  Siege engine competitions for accuracy of direct and indirect
  fire, best period engine and crew, and best non-missile siege

  If *you* would like to sponsor any additional missile-related
  activities, please contact the Overall Missiles Autocrat to
  make arrangements. We're eager to have more, particularly for
  thrown missiles.

Missiles -  Overall
Master Thorvald Grimsson, OP, OL
James Prescott
4915 Carney Road NW
Calgary, AB, Canada, T2L 1E6
Home:	403-282-0541
Email:	james@nucleus.com

Archery -  Target
Master Julian Edward Farnsworth, OL
Julian Randall
8018 - 242nd SW
Edmonds, WA, 98026
Home:	206-778-2359

Archery - Combat
Master Ivar Hakonarson, OL
Andrew Tye
1326 Lawrence  #5
Eugene, OR, 97401
Home:	541-343-8253
Email:	atye@efn.org