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Re: newbie! sick them dogs of war on me

Merci Beaucoup,
Lady Elspeth,

I hail from Southern Va, Danville, though I do not really accociate 
myself with the local group.

I think that my interest is there it is a cool thing to be involeved 
with, I enjoyed it all.   

I know that I will introduce myself to you again if I need any help 
thank you.

Your welcome,
Robert Montague

> Greetings Good Gentle,
> I know not from which part of our fair Kingdom you hail, but please 
> don't be embarrassed about being a newbie.  We were all new to the SCA 
> at one time and we have all made our share of gaffs and faux pas.  
> Please continue to explore the Current Middle Ages in all its glory.  
> Your letter reminded me of just how wonderfully eyepopping our SCA is 
> to new people.  I hope we can keep your interest for a long time to 
> come.  Please feel free to call on me for any help I may give.  I 
> learned long ago that in the SCA the only really bad goof you can 
> commit is not asking about something that interests you.  You've relly 
> goofed then because you've missed a golden opportunity to learn.
> Welcome!!!!!
> Yours in Service to the Dream
> Lady Elspeth Hinds of Falcon Cree

Pete's Wonder Page

"It's never wise to mess with a computer wizard, 
you might get you drive zaped"

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