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Re: newbie! sick them dogs of war on me


> You really don't have to worry about finding certain people-who-don't
> have-cleavage attractive. A good chunk of the SCA are people who feel 
> that way. I am not one of them. I like women with LARGE tracts of land!
> But you'll find that many of the kind of people who like cute... wear 
> blue feathers somewhere on their person.

     I am glad that I do not ahve to worry about being gay in the SCA 
that is one thing that I really like about the SCA. What constitues a 
good chunk and why can't I find any hee heee. Well I respect waht you 
are thanks for telling me, waht are big tracts of land? Well I did 
not see any blue feathers I think, where shoudl I put these blue 
feathers??? I need to get me some of them now.

> That 'very cute person' was named Caray, sometimes referred to as 'spider'.
> He moved to Atlantia recently, but he originally comes from the Outlands!
> I taught him those two songs you heard him sing...I was really hoping he 
> would have developed a larger repetoire by now, but hey, they were new to 
> you!
Very cool, I think he is str8 though unfortunatlly, though he did 
strangly hang out with another guy at the event and they hung aroung 
this lady in a green dress they met, he sung the songs to her and I 
listened, well they all went home I think togehter or some where I 
knwo they left together, I am not sure waht all that was about but 
who am I to gossip....all I know is those songs were cool 
(he sung many others great voice, reminds me of mine but I don't know 
the songs)  and I  thought though he is older he is damn cute!! 
So where is the OutLands?? 

Also if anyone else reads this and is gay or soething of the sort 
male or woman mail me at pboykin@averett.gamewood.net I am looking 
for friends to converse with and someone to hang out with me at an 
event. Thanks!!

Robert Montague

> -Pendar

Pete's Wonder Page

"It's never wise to mess with a computer wizard, 
you might get you drive zaped"

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