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Re: Heading off to G Street Fabrics

In a message dated 96-04-24 14:52:29 EDT, Kate writes:

>  I have decided that I am going to venture forth to G 
>Street Fabrics and try to find fabric and a pattern for 
>making my first outfit.  I have never used a sewing 
>machine before. Heck! I don't think I have ever been IN a 
>fabric store before. Yes, I know. Quite the proper lady.  
>What I am asking is if anyone knows of any good patterns I 
>can buy(beg,barrow,steal)with the intention of being able 
>to wear the results when I am done.  (Again.  yes I really 
>am that worried that I will not be able to actually wear 
>what I produce)  I am going for the "whatever is easiest" 
>period of history. 

Most things prior to 1400 are fairly simple.  If you need
help/advice/whatever Ponte Alto does sewing at the Ladies' Sewing Circle and
Terrorist Society (Falls Church) and Baronial At-home (Burke), both are on
Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.  The Barony also hosts newcomers meetings the second
Friday of each month .  E-mail me if you want the details.

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