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Re: newbie! sick them dogs of war on me

	Greetings M'Lady or M'Lord (please inform me),

	Hoping to find in in gentle fairness and sunshiney wonderfulness.

On Wed, 24 Apr 1996,
Terry L. Neill wrote:

> Robert Montague -
> Welcome to the SCA!
> Are you from Lochmere or Storvik or another DC area group?
> Just to give you a little information and advice (I've been in the SCA 20
> years but in Atlantia only 2.)

	Ok, to tell you where I reign from it is in Danville Va. the little
Southern Part that is on the border of NC. I do not unfortunanlly really get
along too much with the local group they were too boring to me acctually. Then
again all groups in Danville are never fully run right, I know from experience
with tring to get with the Star Trek club big yuck, well taht is why I hope that
I can start a United Confederation group with the help of Lady Julia who is a
Laural in the SCA an a Captain in the Confederation.

	Ok, I am not sure which Bariony I am under all I can tell you if you
me carring the wooden box for Atlantia Dry Goods then I was in the purple robe
outfit and there was a Baron and Baroness in front of me I think those are mine.

Thank you for the advice!! I really appreciate it, and it seems like I will have
to print it out for my next event whenever that may be for I have no car and
depend on rides. 

> I am under the impression from you post that you are looking for advice and
> such. PLEASE don't take this post of mine as anything but informational.  I'
> m NOT lecuring, though it's hard to tell in print!  :)

	Oh I would not consider this lecturing at all I think it is very nice of you
to spend the time to wroite all this down for me, thank you. I am in gratatude.
> First, I highly recommend you get hold of a copy of "The Known World
> Handbook" and read through it. That will *really* help you understand some
> of the culture you have encountered.  Someone in your local group can
> probably lend it to you.

		I will ask about that Hanbook sounds interesting, I know one thing
I like the SCA and everything but I do not nor have the time to read all off
them fantacy books some of trhe Scadians read so I lack in the discusions of
that manor. My local group is mostly just my friends. 

	Again thank you about the titles and other information.   
I will analyze it oh boy it takes me long enough to figure mout names this is
going to take some trying to figure it all out. You did alot for me thank you.

 > On to titles and such:
> Lord or Lady are titles reserved for a man or woman who has received an
> Award of Arms.
> In this kingdom, only the King and Queen can award arms, though they may ask
> someone else to actually tell the recipient and do a ceremony. In other
> Kingdoms, reigning Princes and Princesses of a Principality can also give
> this award.  Atlantia doesn't have any Principalities.
> One addresses a Baron or Baroness as "Your Excellency". You can tell they are a
> Baron or Baroness because they will be wearing a circlet on their head with
> pearls.  Only Baron/esses get pearls on their circlets.
> One addresses a Count or Countess (a person who has reigned once as King or
> Queen) as "Your Excellency" as well.  Count/esses wear embattled circlets. 
> The tops of them look like this:
>    __    __    __    __
> __|  |__|  |__|  |__|  |__
> One addressed a Duke or Dutchess (a person who has reigned twice or more as
> King or Queen) as "Your Grace".  Dukes/Dutchesses wear circlets with
> clusters of three strawberry leaves on them.
> One addresses a Prince or Princess as "Your Highness".  In this Kingdom our
> only Prince/sses are the people who are the heirs to the thrones - the
> person who won the last Crown Tourney and his or her consort.  Other
> kingdoms have Princes and Princesses who reign over Principalities.
> One addresses a King or Queen as "Your Magesty"
> You can't really tell by the headgear who's a prince/ss or a King/Queen -
> especially at Pennsic!  In Atlantia the crowns used most often have fluted
> seashells on them and the coronets for the crown prince/ss are similar and
> smaller.
> When in doubt a 'My Lord' or 'My Lady' is never wrong (and don't let some
> clueless, officious or rude person make you think it is!)
> The SCA has three Peerages.  These are the highest awards that can be given
> to a person.  They are equal to each other in rank.  They are SCA-wide.  All
> kingdoms recognize these awards.
> The Order of the Laurel
> A person is elevated to this order for his or her skill in the Arts and
> Sciences and also for teaching same.  This can be with any skill - jewelry,
> weaving, costuming, lace, calligraphy, illumination, fiber crafts, armor
> making, blacksmithing, woodworking, etc, etc,  You name it.  People have
> also been elevated to this order for their skill and teaching of rapier and
> archery.  Members wear a medallian of a laurel wreath.  They are addressed
> as "Master or Mistress Firstname"
> The Order of the Chivalry
> A person is elevated to this order for his or her fighting prowess and also for
> courteous manner, interest in the Arts and Sciences, etc.  But it is a fighting
> order.  Members of the Chivalry wear white belts, open link gold chains and
> spurs.  White belts and open link gold chains can only be worn by them.
> Members are usually addressed as "Sir Firstname"  Some members choose to be
> Masters of Arms instead.  These wear white baldrics (a belt that is worn
> from the shoulder to the opposite hip) and are addressed as "Master
> Firstname"  There are a variety of titles for female members of this order -
> Sir, Dame, Mistress, etc.
> The Order of the Pelican
> A person is elevated to this order for his or her service to the Kingdom.
> Members wear a medallian of a 'pelican in it's piety' (plucking it's breast
> to feed it's young on it's very own blood).  They are addressed as "Master
> or Mistress Firstname"
> Ask your local herald or other knowledgable person for information on the other
> awards Atlantia and your local Barony (if you're in one) has.
> Also, don't be shy about asking questions or questioning the info I gave you. 
> You'll get slightly different slants from different people.
> Welcome again and have fun!

		I will try to ask but I am a gentle shy person naturally so I
get overwelmed sometimes.  I also have enough troubles trying to keep my eyes in
my head from looking at all the cute....

	Robert Montague
	aka RickyinVa
	aka Pete

	>  >         - Anarra Karlsdottir
>           Caer Mear
>           Richmond, VA

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