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Re: newbie! sick them dogs of war on me

>      I am glad that I do not ahve to worry about being gay in the SCA 
> that is one thing that I really like about the SCA. What constitues a 
> good chunk and why can't I find any hee heee. Well I respect waht you 
> are thanks for telling me, waht are big tracts of land? Well I did 
> not see any blue feathers I think, where shoudl I put these blue 
> feathers??? I need to get me some of them now.

'large tracts of land' is a reference to the movie Monty Python and the 
Holy Grail. It is usually said loudly while holding ones hands open a few 
inches/feet in front of one's chest. 

Blue feathers are not a stigmata. They are not like the yellow stars that 
the nazis made the jews wear. They are simply a way for gay people to 
pick each other out of a crowd. They aren't particularly rare, but they 
are more common at larger events and wars.

Yes, Caray is straight, and married.

> So where is the OutLands?? 

The Outlands is a large part of the american southwest. It covers El Paso 
Texas, all of New Mexico, the eastern 3/4 of Colorado, the eastern half 
of Wyoming, the panhandle of Nebraska, and, when there are active members 
there, Mexico. It is, I believe, the eighth or tenth largest kingdom in 
terms of population. 


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