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Re: Boundaries of Aethelmearc (was Re: Crowns)

On Wed, 24 Apr 1996, Lance Day wrote:

> Could anyone tell me just what the geographic boundaries of Aethelmearc
> are (or, would be)?
> I spend half my time living in the (as far as I know) unguarded
> and un-named territory that lies beyond the safety of Highland Foorde;
> mundanely, Garrett County Maryland. 
> Currently, or at least according to the latest Map of The Known World that
> I have (dated 1990), this is the penninsular bit of Atlantia that's
> completely surrounded by Aethelmearc.

AEthelmearc consists of WV, western PA and and western NY.  My shire, 
Sylvan Glen, is the peninsular bit of AEthelmearc surrounded by Atlantia.

> Should Aethelmearc go Kingdom, there wouldn't be any chance of me being
> 'swallowed up' under the guise of making the border 'neater', would there?

Good grief, I hope not!  That would not be good at all!

> I hope not, as I have an attachment to Atlantia... mostly from being born
> here, living here most of my life and so on...
> If the worst should happen, perhaps I could send a plea for help to
> the King of Atlantia, asking him to wage war to win back the lands
> which rightly belong to Him... :)

Hey, sounds like a good idea for the Pointless War...


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