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Boundaries of Aethelmearc (was Re: Crowns)

Istvan wrote:

> I just got word that the polling for Aethelmearc going kingdom won't 
> happen until June, which means their petition probably won't make it to 
> the July BoD, and will have to wait until October... provided the votes 
> point to such an event to occur, of course.
> >   Or so I recall hearing...  (Of couse there are a LOT of rumors
> > floating about... especially when you live this close to the possible
> > future crossroads of THREE kingdoms!)
> You think you've got problems...?

Not yet, but I might soon; depends on how land-hungry Aethelmearc is!  :)

Could anyone tell me just what the geographic boundaries of Aethelmearc
are (or, would be)?

I spend half my time living in the (as far as I know) unguarded
and un-named territory that lies beyond the safety of Highland Foorde;
mundanely, Garrett County Maryland. 

Currently, or at least according to the latest Map of The Known World that
I have (dated 1990), this is the penninsular bit of Atlantia that's
completely surrounded by Aethelmearc.

Should Aethelmearc go Kingdom, there wouldn't be any chance of me being
'swallowed up' under the guise of making the border 'neater', would there?

I hope not, as I have an attachment to Atlantia... mostly from being born
here, living here most of my life and so on...
If the worst should happen, perhaps I could send a plea for help to
the King of Atlantia, asking him to wage war to win back the lands
which rightly belong to Him... :)

In Service,

Lance W. Day                       | Uryene de Wodeshende
lday@access.digex.net              | In the shadow of Ripon Cathedral
http://www.access.digex.net/~lday  | North Yorkshire, England  b.1363-?
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