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Re: Heading off to G Street Fabrics

Whoops! I meant to send this to the whole list to get chopped apart.. ahem
critiqued for content. Well, here's a copy.

>>  I have decided that I am going to venture forth to G 
>>Street Fabrics and try to find fabric and a pattern for 
>>making my first outfit.  I have never used a sewing 
>>machine before. 
>Here's a good start, its a pattern my wife calls an "under-chemise". Its a
good starting point and can be used with an Elizabethan corseted outfit when
you have more experience.
>1) Measure the length of your arms, the width of your shoulders, and the
length of your chemise from your shoulder (somewhere between below the knee
to dragging on the ground to trip on). Add room to sew to all those
measurement (seam allowance)
>2) Buy some light-weight white or natural color muslin cotton fabric and
some double fold bias tape in a complimentry color. (Note: light-weight
muslin is often trasparent. This is meant to be worn under a dress or at
least a shirt and vest... at least in public)
>3) Figure out how puffy you wish the sleeve to be and cut two rectangles
that width and as long as your arm measurement. Cut another rectangle as
wide as your shoulder measurement and twice as long as your chemise length
measurement. Cut also two squares (gussets) about 3-4 inches on a side.
>4) Sew the sleeve into a (wrong side out) tube with the ends open. Sew two
sides of the gusset to the long sides of your sleeve like this:
>        <>--------<  
>The gusset will go in your underarm and allow you to lift your arm without
tearing out the seam. 
>5) Fold over the other end of the sleeve and sew. Run a length of bias tape
through the end. This will form a tie to close the sleeve about your wrist.
>6) Fold the big rectangle in half and sew up the sides part way (to where
the sleeves should be) to form the body of the chemise.
>7) Sew the gussett and end of the sleeve into the body of the chemise.
>8) Cut a big hole for your head and as much skin as you want to show and
trim with bias tape.
>9) Turn the whole thing right side out.
>        I think I am forgetting something obvious but my lady is the
seamstress and is well asleep at this hour. Please let me know if this makes
sence... oh, a couple more notes - the neck and shoulder will probibly feel
a bit weird, modern clothes touch the back of your neck and this will not.
The feeling of a gussetted sleeve is a bit harder to explain.
>>Alternative 2:  I come and sing for you and/or give you 
>>money and you help me to make or make me something 
>>presentable(anyone meed money?)
>>Hey, it was worth a shot. :) 
>My lady DOES barter for her sewing. What have you to offer and how far away
are you from Greenville, NC?
>Dan Mackison

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